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Introductory Notes

This web site's project is based in the confederations of unique people expanding isocracy (critique, means, ends) through intervention.

The targets: hierarchy; mediation; the toxicity of Fabian, Jacobin, and other elitists' doubletalk; fascists posing as liberals; thought police; totalitarian pseudo-spiritualities; psycho-pathos; socio-pathos; narcissism; codependency/enabling; proletarianization; ideology; axe-handles made from the 'social' reification; race-pimping; SJWs; the George Soros network; monoculturaloids; techno-fascists; fembots; gaybots; heideggeroids; islamofascists; hormoneopaths; hatedroids; blamebots.

So many willing to be will-less.

Luckily, just a bloated few demand the right to exploit that hierarchy-facilitated 'many', and to steal the labor, the time, and the minimal products not stolen at the points of production and consumption, as if it were the labor and time of the reified "masses" that are being led, that is, [also] bled, of themselves so that those managing that drain, are "fed" with it, and can speak of it as a necessary sacrificial rite: as THE ONE AND ONLY possible 'social justice'.

Hence, these Big Liars have renamed themselves "Social Justice Warriors". Yep. And they still wear uniforms as they whip and flay those not conforming. They facilitate the war of all against all in an "open [target] social war".

No one tells me what my duty is. I have none... and especially refuse ones imposed by parasitic servant-whores for trillionaires and billionaires and deified immiserations... these "duties", contrived by those who dare speak "as us", "for us", and especially "at us" (meaning "down to us from on high")... Again, I emphasize that they are always preaching, and talking, and ruling, and rationing, and rationalizing AT us, who're their "obvious lessors". Anyone questioning that "obviousness" is labeled in one or more of the Scarlet Letters whose "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" finger-pointing and howling, can only be issued by these our betters.

It's ironic that ideological excrescence should be talking about so many violations when they themselves are organic dysfunctionals... constipations of every cultural, psychological, and logical cesspool. Occupied culture is the totalitarian's focal construct which ensures all the rest — weaponized by hierarchy as only hierarchy and its enforced 'downward' aim of ignorance can do — thoroughly arrests individual human development en toto. "Cultural Marxism" or "Marxist Culturalism", "Islamic Culture", ad finitum, ad nauseam, the "ism" is the toxin added to the evolutionary stew, and a mass of hypnotized, zombified, toxic, codependent 'soldiers' are manufactured to do as the "correct thinkers" decide.

So many bewilderly consent to sanctified abuse. Wilhelm Reich and the lore of Wetiko bare the pathos of that sado-mas[s]ochistic affair.

So many achieving meagerdom, trollification, and minor-league vampiric roles as flatland secret police.

The humorless, witless, and cowardice of the world order 'palace guard' is based in their clutched-to zero-sum and state-codependence crosstalk magnified and modeled on the Twit and Faceless showroom floors.

Such huge asses and so little time to admire and kick where their heads reside... resembling as a "movement" that which passes 'down the line', the endless alimentary canal as depicted in the "Apple caterpillar clause episode of "South Park". I see the movement based in "anti" as an anti-movement, rather as a constipation... and crApple "logic".

Their authoritarianism spreads via codependency and a mutual immiserative toleration.

Their deity, the globalist [post-national] State, rations immiseration with "equality" as modus operandi. Equal persecution for all is their call.

Guided by billionaires according to which groups best redirect a manufactured hate at target groups exhibiting threats to vampiric hierarchy and the tendency for the rate of extractive-accumulation of "minds & souls" to fall, the balsawood-minded generation can only float in other people's blood, getting paid with a percentage of what they help steal at the point of someone else's self-production, along with promissory notes redeemable towards what designers send down the fascist runway.

At no-charge it lives off the daily-compounding interest of disarming, censoring, culturally-enslaving, and practicing for roundups and mass gravedigging parties.

Our means and ends are voluntary agreements to resolutely-ending said mean-ness. The project to create projects which: unleash the repressed in its most robust, acute, self-defined, self-refining forms and viral exponentializations; to create situations and plug-and-play/untraceable relationships which expose the faces and mechanics of shadows pulling the strings, paying the thugs, buying democracies, mediating reality, sidestepping perception, deflecting with the flat & the binary, and cloaking inductive "choices" in false flags.

This is this project. The aforementioned -ists, -oids, tolerants, and wanna-bes need never apply....

The terrain (terror-reign) is full of high-fashion fascist "anti-fascists"s, of liberal deliberators, of totalitarian fragmentarians, of of ass-clowns who have no sense of humor or excavational "hole" in their asses.

We have a world to take back, to reinvent, and to turn against all possibilities that these sort of de-empathized thingifiers can ever be so great as in disappearing forever.

A project with many possibilities, laughs, associations, and new souls working together... growing exponentially from their own and each others' satisfied desires.

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Invitation placard worn by a Heretical Plague Doctor at the 21st Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair (2016)
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