confederating self-projects of de-thingification

Notes on implementing beyond the insecurity of socially-eternalized 14-year-olds, using
Confederating Member and Forum Security
November 10, 2017

Unbecoming Things is a forum based around registered-member bulletin boards.

The boards are user-defined, securable to and by affinitized focus. It is highly-secured against spiders, BOTs, crawlers, trolls, ideologists, predators, and other guardians of the realm.

Javascript, PHP, and Flash Player are avoided to prevent any embedded intrusion schemes.

The security has been set to:

– deny ALL access by spiders, crawlers, and BOTs;
– block ISPs from all governments;
– keep all messaging within the forum's database;
– use the .htaccess file, ugo/rwx, and groups w/r/t restricting folder andfile access;
– use database encryption on a database installed on a different server;
– use an SSL certificate w/r/t any "GET" reads of XHTML code in a browser;
– use a database-specific firewall;
– provide stepwise instructions for using secured and authenticating email;
– provide stepwise instructions for using secured browsers;
– will eventually deny membership to any GoogleMail, YahooMail, Microsoft HotMail, or other off-computer mail server accounts — especially those whose owner-benefactors bequeth service to the PRISM alliance — due to their intentional addressbook intrusions and email surveilling — compromising the security of fellow forum members — after a period of time in which they may prove the securing of their web browser access to the forum and from all access of their email by their web mail service provider. Sucking sounds are best avoided as parasites and vampires are a self-suiciding set respecting "zero tolerance" as associates.

There can be no toleration for slack in the revolt against forced labor, self-censorship, guilt-baters, thought police, weaponized technology, and generalized stupefaction.

More than the practicality of remaining dynamic, self-aware, and anonymous, is the freedom to not have to perform the role of enabler for the pathetic.

The security doesn't "promise" us "a rose garden", however it does try to ensure that we are not served up as objects to predators, spies, and assassins-of-all-varieties in the fantasy "rose gardens" of whomever owns, controls, and pulls their thing-strings either.