confederating self-projects of de-thingification

Notes on re-evolving life after the victim-economy fallout, via
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November 10, 2017

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Introductory Note

To form-ulate, create forms, and to transform are moments of each other.

Federations are based in force. Confederations are based in voluntary agreements and associations.

Federations rule all "political" (a.k.a. extracted-power) bodies and parties.

The colonization of the world, and all of its supposedly-decolonized terrains, took place long ago.

The shadow-rulers, in-bred and inter-breeding families run "things" — you and I — from 3 global nerve-centers: Washington D.C.; London; Vatican City.

Their mastery hides behind, in front of, and behind symbols: we are 'symbols of humans', re-presentations, manufactured fascimiles, mere "things". We walk. We talk. We act. As such, we are always "revolting"... always according to plan and always ahead of schedule.

Control is deepened and widened each pause, every gesture, with each toleration, with every surrender.

The nerve-centers are untouchable, and they have media (MSM, Hollywood, the web) which regulates the suffocation by absolute Truth of truth-gasps, which corrales breakaways, which uses the Trotsky method of forceful dismantling (e.g., Kronstadt) by deploying barriers (such as language & culture) liberally amongst its targets. The self-ordained "omnipotent" believe that "none can escape" and have their servants flood ears and minds with real and staged visions of "resistance is futile" proof. They never have to answer to any country's citizenry, because they use a global debting system to delete sovereignty. They recuperate what ails them, and more often than naught, play all sides of disagreement, controversy, crisis, and war. The League of Nations, World Bank, BRIC, United Nations, Federal Reserve (and all of its replicants), IMF... old tricks that still work. Old investment keep the blood flowing out of people and capital into them: hierarchy-zombies running on empty with the substitutional life-force, capital in their veins, through their neural pathways, as filters for all they can still (or allowed to) "experience", words droning from their heartless mouths, acts ricocheting from their heartless motions. Death-marching to rap, top-40, and the symphonics introduced by Alec Baldwin. Deadening. Repetitive. Circling the x=0/y=0 points of zero-sum. Everything breaks apart if it flies too high towards z>0. Nope. THX-1138's forbidden lands. Flat is best. Flat is dosed with extra gravity. That's the message and much of history, thus far. But that's "thus far".

Pseudo-things doing as things unto things... reproduces the something for everything stage and roles. The show flows on. The show curtain can be brought down and shown to have never even been "up". The "behind the curtain" can be lit up rather than the eyes of the eternal audience.

Based in deeds of [self-]sale to the gift-economy based in deeds of desire self-realized, the whole does exist as does paradox and its class of deceiever-servants and enforcement "expert" dysfunctions. That is where the exposure is made. That is the fracture point. That is where the armor holding us in and out is chinked. That is where Unbecoming Things plays and shares the fun.